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Sree Tech is a society for renewable energy technology approved by the Govt.of Kerala Mission and ANERT. Recovery of energy from Urban, Market, Municipal wastes to produce electricity,Gas,Bio fertilizers etc.

Manufactures/Distributors of

Solar Water Pumping System, Solar Water Heating, Solar Power Plants, Large Size Bio-gas Plant And Developments Of Renewable Energy Devices, Waste Treatment Plants .

Uses Of A Bio Gas Plant

"A centralized biogas plant assists surrounding farmers in their disposal of animal manure by digesting it in order to create a homogeneous fertilizer. In addition to the animal manure, the plants also use organic material from slaughterhouse, fishing industry tanneries, breweries, dairies, oil mills, and the drug industry to produce the fertilizer. The mix is normally approximately 80% animal manure and 20% organic material. The farms that provided the animal manure can use the fertilizer or it can be sold to any farm or industry wishing to replace chemical fertilizer with a cheaper alternative. Biogas plants also produce a gas through an anaerobic digestion process. Heating and power plants can use the gas produced to produce to create energy. Generally the raw waste material is transported to the biogas plant for disposal. The waste then undergoes anaerobic digestion."